Company Milestones


  • Dec. National High-tech Enterprises
  • Dec. Foreign trade export demonstration enterprises
  • Sep. H6D PRO II Trcuk Diagnois Tool Released
  • Aug. H6 Pro Ⅱ Released
  • Jul. BEC2460 Released
  • Mar. The new version of XTOOL official website went online
  • Mar. D9 Smart Diagnosis System Launched


  • Dec. 100+ Patents & Soft Documents
  • Nov. Awarded as "Top 20 Repair Tool"
  • Oct. 90th National Auto Parts Fair
  • Aug. Invented Key Cutting Machine
  • May. Company HQ Relocation
  • May. Upgrade Truck Diag-Softwares
  • Apr. Beijing AMR EXPO
  • Apr. 89th National Auto Parts Fair
  • Apr. D8 Diagnostic Tool Launched
  • Mar. Auto Insurance Top 100 Manufacturers


  • Dec H6 Pro was named the “Top 20 Repair Tools” of the year.
  • Dec. Automachanicka Shanghai (AMS)
  • Oct. 88th National Auto Parts Fair
  • Sep. Held 10th Anniversary Ceremony
  • Aug. Obtained IATF16949 Certification
  • Aug. Cooperated with VICTON
  • Jul. H6 Pro Master won Golden Crown
  • May. TP150 TPMS Tool Released
  • May. Strategic Cooperation with Bosch
  • Apr. TS100 TP Sensor Launched


  • Dec. Anyscan A30 Released
  • Dec. Shanghai Automechanika Frankfurt Fair
  • Nov. XV100 HD Endoscope Released
  • Aug. 6th Distributors Annual Meeting
  • Mar. Top 20 Repair Tool - H6
  • Mar. TP200 Diagnosis Tool Released
  • Mar. Strategic Cooperation with Alibaba
  • Mar. Paticipated in Beijing AMR
  • Jan. H6D Trcuk Diagnois Tool Released
  • Jan. H6D Pro Released


  • Nov. H6 Pro Master Released
  • Sep. H6 Pro Released
  • Sep. 5th Annual Distributors Meeting
  • Sep. XVCI Max Released
  • Aug. H6 Released
  • Jul. iVCI II Anyscan Released
  • Jun. Cooperated with HUAWEI
  • Jun. Cooperated with GOSUNCN.
  • May. "5.18" Locksmiths Annual Meeting
  • May. Cooperated with DIDI
  • Apr. Beijing AMR 2018 Exhibition
  • Mar. 3rd Auto Parts Equip Expo


  • Nov. Automechanika Shanghai
  • Nov. PS80 Designated as Race Device
  • Nov. Designated Equipment for Contests
  • Sep. Shenzhen Double Exhibition
  • Sep. National Automotive Teacher
  • Aug. 4th Distributors Annual Meeting
  • Jul. 15th SZ Auto Refitting Expo
  • Jun. 2017 China International Skills Competition
  • Jun.Futian District Party Committee Secretary of Shenzhen
  • May. Zhuhai Locksmith Annual Meeting
  • Apr. 81st National Auto Parts Fair
  • Feb. MOBIKE Outstanding Partner
  • Jan. 2016 Best Partner of ZTE


  • Mar "Che Mi Cup" The 2nd automotive electronics science and technology innovation cutting-edge enterprise award
  • Nov. National High-tech Enterprises
  • Aug. Partner of World Skills China
  • Aug. 3rd Distributors Meeting
  • Jun. i80 PAD Came into Market
  • May. 14th Locksmith Annual Meeting
  • Mar. PS80 Came into Market


  • Nov. M1 Came into Market
  • Oct. PS70 Came into Market
  • Aug. 2nd Distributor Meeting
  • Jun. PS90 Came into Market
  • May. Obtained Design Patent Certificate
  • Apr. Obtained Design Patent Certificate
  • Apr. Obtained Design Patent Certificate
  • Apr. Design Patent Certificate
  • Apr. X-300 Plus came into Market
  • Mar. Design Patent Certificate
  • Mar. Design Patent Certificate


  • Jul. Analytic System Invention Patent
  • Apr. CE Certificate
  • Mar. Utility Models Patent
  • Mar. Utility Models Patent
  • Mar. Invention Patent
  • Mar. Invention Patent
  • Feb. iOBD2-5510-TELEC Certificate
  • Feb. Software Registration Certificate
  • Feb. Software Identification Certificate


  • Jun. FCC Certificate
  • Oct. New Hi-tech Enterprises


  • Jan. Apple MFi Authorized Developer
  • Oct. Design Patent-Car Data Reader


  • Apr. Utility Models Car Code Reader
  • Apr. Utility Models Car Decoder


  • Sep CE Certificate of Car Diagnostic Scanner
  • Oct First Product Design is Released
  • Apr. Founded in Shenzhen China
  • Sep. RoHS Certificate
  • Dec. Design Patent of Car Decoder
  • Dec. Design Patent of Code Reader
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